We’re desperate for radical belonging

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We all desire belonging.

From the earliest moments of childhood I can remember wanting to feel accepted and “part of.” Belonging is an amazing potion of warmth, and being-held. A salve, a feather on the neck, an intoxicating scent, arms cradling you.

You can start out belonging and then you just don’t. Un-belonging is devastating. Your hands stretched out in the dark, clasping at nothing; the souls who soothed you passed by.

I’ve also purposefully “un-belonged” myself. Whether it was to save or sabotage…it’s manifested emotional re-shaping and re-trusting in my reservoirs of strength.

Un-belonging can create pain so great that anywhere is superior to the grey road that meets you, however harmful it may be. Who doesn’t want a proverbial “Norm!” when you walk in the existential door. Souls are sold for that feeling. Humans die, wars fought, atrocities experienced.

Please allow belonging. However distant we may feel from the tether of understanding, we can be assured our brothers and sisters in humanity are struggling as well.

Release hateful minds, broken hearts, rusty hands. Liberate withered paradigms and chambers of community gloom. Rest softened eyes of love on our neighbor.

Set them on yourself, love.

by Kimberly Dillon — I write from my heart - poems, essays, dreams.

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