I woke up thinking about you

A waking poem

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Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

4 in the morning
Eyes scratchy
Mouth dry
I wish I knew why

I feel so bad for you
You told me what was going on
My brain and heart can’t stop tearing

Acceptance alleviates anxiety they say
Keep in the present moment
Not in denial
It’s just the way things are

Hard to admit these conditions

I try to control instead of letting it flow
What I’ve always done
I don’t want to do that to you
I have to learn to be there


I feel so weak
Come to terms with it all
Use my superpower
Put me on the path

But let’s not make it about me

Because it’s not

No one gets to be me and no one gets to be you
And I love you

You’ve done the best you could
I’m a sensitive girl
And this world is crazy
You don’t know what you don’t know

It’s tough
The path to knowing
Quests to be happy
Connection with the body


Allowing the spirit forth
That’s ownership and healing
Next steps to evolution
I can’t say I’m not scared for you

Don’t know what the future holds
Being met all around
Blowing up
Fucking unfair

You deserve to rest and relax
Wanna say, shit
So fragile
They were right all along, see?

And after all we die anyway
How important is anyone’s life?
Awful people live
Beautiful souls die too early

The whys of the universe at 4am
Is not highly recommended
I’m calling you today
I need you

I’m watery
Your blood gave me life
The tightrope of lineage

I can open my eyes
I can learn
One of my guides now
Has something to say

About all this

I’ll ask her

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